RP in the Otter kingdom

Roleplays can and will get NSFW at times.

Many Rp's here are either AU or Canon depending

Free pixels!


To conmemorate 500+ followers on ask-pix, I´m going to do something special!

If you reblog this, I´ll send you a pixel based on your blog!


Everyone who reblogs gets one! Not only ponies! Everyone!

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"Alright then. But remember you are always welcome to come back anytime

Shell is still training to impress your daughter btw, he hasn’t returned ye though

"Surely, I will consider that. As far as I know, she has impressing him set as a goal as well. Where is he training?"

"On an island just off unova. I believe he is going to Randsei as well"

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How about some sex? to cheer you up?


King Mijuma: NO


Pansage has been claimed, leaving the last winner with the Lumineon!

Thank you, everyone!

really proud


first 50 to reblog will get a sonic fc based off their blog

like this

(please leave your submission box open!!)

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Okay, so here’s the deal! I’m giving away all of these characters!

See something in common with them? Yep, they’re all SHINY. This is askshinyvirizion after all!

Basically, there will be ten winners. Each winner gets one shiny. Simple enough, right?

A few of the Pokemon have details you should know, so pay attention!

  1. The Lotad has a lily flower on her hat! This can get away with transporting things, be aware!
  2. The Elgyem has some odd scarf. Where they got this, who knows.
  3. The Pansage’s tree and tail are based on WILLOW trees. That’ why they’re so droopy and long.
  4. Due to a genetic mutation, the Bunelby was only born with one ear.
  5. The Sableye is growing several gems on their body, each very sharp.
  6. The Surskit’s hind legs are much shorter than its front ones, making it incapable of skating on water. It’s learned to walk just fine, though.

Also, giveaway rules! PLEASE READ THEM ALL VERY CLEARLY. Ever giveaway, I get people not following the rules, and I have to disqualify them!

  1. YOU MUST BE FOLLOWING ME. Before or after the giveaway was posted does not matter.
  2. Pokemon ask/roleplay blogs only! If you want to reblog it to your mod blog, PLEASE NOTIFY ME.
  3. Reblogs only!
  4. Ends July 11th, next week!

Two more days!